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COMMUNITY is the heart of the Tonic Ventures operation. Join us and discover how you can align with your Purpose, elevate your digital skill level, and discover the tools to create what YOU NEED for your business, or build a business the WORLD NEEDS, without writing code.

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SUPPORT is key to keeping you engaged in your journey to sustainable independence. You're not alone on your quest. In addition to The Tonic Zone community, find answers in our expanding knowledge bases or submit a ticket to get 1 - 1 assistance and advice. We all get stuck.

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EXPOSURE is not optional. You've got to get your message out. If only you see what you're doing, the world misses out on your gift. We'll help you. Post your wares and your mission on our niche marketing sites while discovering how to create your own sites. Without writing code.

Jim Canto - Solopreneur

Low-Code / No-Code since 2008

Low-Code/No-Code digital tools open options the average, untrained individual can leverage to build what they need for their business, or build a business the world needs... without writing code. What would YOU create, if you knew you could? Be inspired. You can. We'll help.

As a generalist, labeling myself has never been easy. Consultant, CIO, Digital Coach, Life Coach, Low-Code/No-Code Indie-Maker, Citizen Developer, call me what you want. However, what I am actually doing is bootstrapping my own Sustainable Independence by helping others discover how they can do the same. (How it began.